The History of a Primadonna Guy

Addicted to food, film and pulsing pop music, I was born during the Summer of ’92 in NY. I grew up on Television, watching numerous PBS programs to learn how to read and through TVLand discovered ‘I Love Lucy’, making me witty and likable.

I quickly evolved from adorable kid trying to quench his thirst for knowledge into a pre-teen individual, stealing VHS Tapes & DVDs from local stores and my siblings to fill my time. Slowly I became obsessed with the idea of Horror, but wasn’t ready for it myself. I started to sneak cheesy scary movies into my Cinema diet and created a monster. I couldn’t stop myself, and I jumped in, somehow avoiding classics like ‘The Shining’ and ‘Psycho’, which I first experienced in 2012.

After discovering authors Stephen King, Anne Rice, and Ray Bradbury, I quickly launched from film to literature. I’d read all that I could, even the novels ‘The Amityville Horror’ and ‘The Exorcist’ at 12 years old.

But after some tragic events in my life, I realized my teenage years would not be as simple. I was forced into a situation straight from the books, and moved to New Jersey, or Hell as I call it.

NJ was a long way from home, theoretically, physically it was only an hour. Living with my cord cuttingly insane mother (I am unequivalently as insane) has been difficult. My life went from being rich to being broke and homeless.

We worked our way up the ladder, I began as my mother’s spiteful, spoiled, asshole son. Though soon enough, I blossomed into a helpful young adult. I began writing to pass the time, in notebooks and on any computer I could get to.

After writing dozens of short stories, I realized that I had a gift for the written word and closely thereafter I started writing screenplays. In my final year of High School, after taking four years of Culinary Art courses (I am a naturally talented cook/baker, but I hate it professionally), I decided to pursue one of my first interests: FILM.

I took a Cinematography class (it was originally an Advanced Photography course, but after I forced a film project, it became Cinematography 1) during my Senior year and wrote my first Short Film script, alone I should add. It was the year that ‘Juno’ came out, so of course, I made ‘Rose’s Kid’, a modern day take on ‘Rosemary’s Baby’, but with a teenager instead of Mia Farrow.

After some edits (it was too edgy for the school so a lot of it got cut and the name was changed to ‘She’s Not There’ after The Zombie’s classic), we all decided that it would be best to never show the film to anyone.

So that day I uploaded it to YouTube, only to have it taken down due to Copyright Infringement because of the music that plays for ten seconds at the end. And the film was lost (hopefully for good, it’ll tarnish my rep if it gets out).

After High School I ran into some financial trouble and couldn’t afford College, so I took my laptop and got to work writing.

And that was two years ago. I’m still writing.

This blog is my distraction.


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